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Taped-Up Housewife Home Alone

Chieri JAV porn by Soft on Demand

This curvy housewife has been left all alone at home. And to ensure she doesn't do anything untoward, her husband has taped up her pussy. You can do anything you can to her voluptuous body except get to home base. What delights of the erotic imagination await us in the Taped-Up Housewife Home Alone?

Taped-Up Housewife Home Alone

Starring JAV actress Chieri as the married women gagging for sex but prevented from being penetrated, her G-cup may will keep you occupied enough. Wait. Her nipples are also taped over! But the intruder knows how to un-peel the tape and then he can liberate the prisoner from her bondage. The final explosion of sexuality is a incredible spectacle.

Taped-Up Housewife Home Alone

Taped-Up Housewife Home Alone features:

  • 100-minute Japanese adult DVD (FAH-11007)
  • Starring Chieri
  • Region free

Taped-Up Housewife Home Alone
€ 53

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