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Please Buy My Used Panties

Japanese girl worn underwear pack

The Please Buy My Used Panties is a worn underwear fetish item. Open up the pack and revel in the fantasy of the Japanese girl who has provided her most intimate wardrobe item for your personal pleasure. The pack contains a card with some basic details about the seller. She's desperate for money and has resorted to flogging her used panties to make ends meet. Are you willing to help her out?

The actual pair of panties is a random choice (the picture shows just an example), so the excitement over what you will get is another big part of the fun with this item.

Specs and Features:

  • Simulates experience of used/worn panties
  • Contains 1 pair of panties
  • Also contains card with information (in Japanese) about the seller
  • Random choice (cannot select design)
  • May vary from image (picture shows example only)
€ 11

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