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Onaho Magic Masturbator Holder Air Cushion

Onahole toy inflatable pillow

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Get a better grip from your masturbator sessions with the Onaho Magic Masturbator Holder Air Cushion. Blow up the cushion and slide in your favorite masturbator toy. You can then hold the cushion like a woman's body so you can really pump your hole hard and fast. As it's filled with air, you can adjust the size to match the width of your onahole, ensuring a snug fit (there are also two hole slots of different sizes on either end). It works well with masturbator sleeves and other kinds of general onacups. You can also use the cushion with vibrators and even dildos, making this a very flexible adult accessory.

Onaho Magic Masturbator Holder Air Cushion

The Onaho Magic Masturbator Holder Air Cushion features:

  • Big and small holes (onahole slots) on either end: 75-95mm (3-3.7")
  • Air cushion (can be adjusted to differently sized masturbator)
  • Size (when inflated): 370 x 170mm (14.6 x 6.7")
  • Can be used with Onaho Magic covers
  • Onahole/masturbator not included

€ 16
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