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Natsune G Body Doll Set by Dekunoboo

Foam cushion sex doll

This set literally has everything you could possibly need. A cute face (Natsune) with a "glamorous body" (G Body), and a hole ("Polynesian") and lubricant to complete the package. We offer a range of dolls from this My Wife series, including with different bodies and faces, but this Natsune G Body set is even better, featuring arms and legs, plus a black wig and a hole to get you started. Hell, there are even attachable eyebrows for the finishing touch. You can of course then start customizing...

Natsune G Body Doll Set by Dekunoboo

Natsune and her G Body will fit a lot of mainstream and popular onaholes, including our bestseller the Meiki no Shoumei. Plus you can slip on shoes and clothes, or change her wig to one you prefer. We reckon you will be very satisfied with her E Cup, though, not to mention her sweet measurements.

The Natsune G Body Doll Set features:

  • Height: 155cm (61")
  • Weight: 2.4kg (84.7 oz)
  • Bust: E Cup
  • Waist: 56cm (22")
  • Hips: 88cm (34.6")
  • Clothes size: M (9)
  • Shoe size: 21cm (US size 6)
  • Includes wig, attachable eyebrows, V&A Polynesian hole and lotion (50ml, 1.7 fl oz)

€ 1.080
(Los precios de las opciones pueden incluir costos de envío adicionales)
Peso de envío: 4Kg / 8.8lbs

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