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Moe Moe Magic Leg Lock Hold Missionary Sex Air Doll

Blowup sex doll with anime girl face

You are lying down on her, sliding in and out of her pussy, and enjoying incredible intimacy as a couple. She's loving every second of it and holds you tight, wrapping her arms and legs around your body. That's the amazing experience (known in Japanese subcultures as the daishuki or daisyuki hold) that the Moe Moe Magic Leg Lock Hold Missionary Sex Air Doll lets you recreate.

The blowup sex doll features an anime face like something straight out of your fantasies, plus softly textured breasts to touch and squeeze during your sessions. To make penetration feel best, add a masturbator toy in the slot between her legs.

Specs and Features:

  • Missionary position
  • Daishuki/daisyuki hold (receiving partner wraps legs around partner) fetish
  • Blowup doll
  • Anime character face
  • Fits small and medium-sized masturbators
  • No masturbator/stroker toy included
  • Total length: 122.5 cm (48.2")
  • Total width: 62 cm (24.4")
  • Masturbator slot: max. approx. 90 x 50 mm (3.5 x 2")
€ 35

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