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Lovely Clip Under Labia Decoration

Vaginal jewelry vajazzle

The vagina is without a doubt already beautiful and sensual just as it is, but the Lovely Clip Under is a vajazzle jewelry accessory that adds something a little extra to the mix. Designed to fit within the fleshy folds of the outer labia, this curved clip is shaped somewhat like a bobby pin (hairpin) with three small, fluffy balls of fur at the three points (the two ends and the turn). Perfect for some downstairs dressing-up or spicing up a session with that special someone, simply slip it into place and it should stay put until removed. Note that this should not be inserted into the body.

Lovely Clip Under Labia Decoration

The Lovely Clip Under features:

  • Single piece of vajazzle jewelry
  • Large clip bent at one end
  • Three fluffy fur balls attached
  • Designed for women

Lovely Clip Under Labia Decoration
€ 15