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Last Goodbye with Ittetsu Suzuki

Silk Labo Japanese porn for women

From Silk Labo, the Japanese adult video studio that specializes in creating porn for women, comes Last Goodbye, a tender film starring Mai Midori and Ittetsu Suzuki. Suzuki is the first male performer in Japan to appear solely in films written for the female market and he has attracted legions of fans for his gentle charms.

Last Goodbye with Ittetsu Suzuki

Mai Midori is a young bride bored with her restricted married life and her husband. Invited by a friend to a party, she meets another kind of man, one who knows how to excite her in whole new ways. But her situation means she and her new lover will never be able to stay together. Watch this emotionally charged AV as the couple bid each other a final farewell with their bodies.

Last Goodbye with Ittetsu Suzuki

Last Goodbye features:

  • 117-minute adult DVD by Silk Labo
  • Starring Mai Midori, Ittetsu Suzuki
  • Directed by Akinori
  • Region free

Last Goodbye with Ittetsu Suzuki
€ 62

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