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Insert Air Pillow

Dakimakura inflatable hug cushion

The Insert Air Pillow is your new blow-up companion for when you need someone to hug and hold tight. There are two hole slots included for you to slide in a favorite onahole. The dakimakura pillow is a fairly standard size, so you can also add a compatible cover of your choice. Or for the best experience, use one of the especially designed Insert Air Pillow anime covers created by Tama Toys in collaboration with some of the very best Japanese erotic manga artists.

Insert Air Pillow
Insert Air Pillow

The Insert Air Pillow features:

  • Inflatable dakimakura hug pillow toy
  • Pillow dimensions: 550 x 350 mm (22 x 14")
  • Two hole pockets
  • Hole slots: 85 mm (3.3"), 55 mm (2.2")
  • We recommend inserting an onahole/masturbator toy first before inflating, and also recommend wrapping the onahole in a plastic bag before insertion to help secure the toy in the slot
  • Basic starter onahole included
  • Compatible with onaholes approx. up to 800g (28 oz) in weight
  • No cover included: use with one of the Insert Air Pillow covers

€ 18

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