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Insert Air Pillow DX Cover 146 Dew-Eyed Schoolgirl

Sexy JK character dakimakura hug pillow case

The Insert Air Pillow DX Cover 146 Dew-Eyed Schoolgirl is as slutty as she is seemingly innocent. Don't let that school uniform fool you (as sexy as it is!). She's more mature than she looks, and her body is perfectly curvy despite her teenaged youth. Do you want to lie on top of her, nestling between her welcoming legs and over those amazing breasts? Or would you rather grip her bubble butt and stroke the sensual arc of her back? The tongue that's sticking out of mouth tells you how much she likes what you're doing to her. The double-sided erotic art hug pillow cover is designed for the Tama Toys Insert Air Pillow DX, which is available as an optional extra.

Specs and Features:

  • Japanese JK schoolgirl character erotic art sex fantasy dakimakura love/hug pillow cover
  • Schoolgirl uniform fetish
  • Double-sided
  • With onahole/masturbator slot
  • Dimensions: 730 x 450 mm (29 x 18")
  • Artist/illustrator: Mottsuo
  • No hug pillow/dakimakura included
  • Designed for the Insert Air Pillow DX dakimakura (available as optional extra)
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