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Breasts Toy Cover

Large cover for titjob bust toys

We all love breasts toys, not just for the titjob paizuri options they offer but also as pillows for burying your face in them and even going to sleep on them. There's little better than drifting off to sleep with your head resting on the beautiful shape of a large pair of breasts. The only issue with this, though, is that your toys can become greasy and dirty. The Breasts Toy Cover by top Japanese adult brand and retailer Hot Powers is here to fix this problem: the cover fits around your bust toys so you can place your head on the breasts without fear of spoiling the texture of the skin. You can wrap and pull the cover around the toys as tightly as you like, so the outline of the toys remain visible and touchable underneath. The cover is also useful for storing your toys, so they can keep them clean and dust-free while not in use.

Specs and Features:

  • Large cover for titjob bust toys
  • Ideal for use when storing toys or lying/sleeping on them
  • Dimensions: approx. 43 x 63 cm (16.9 x 24.8")
  • Breasts toy not included
€ 22

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