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Yan Ru-yi Meiki Taiwan Street Angel

Betel nut girl masturbator

One of the icons of Taiwan, the betel nut girls are sexy young ladies selling wares on the streets in their underwear. Now the makers of the incredible series of meiki clone masturbators scouted Taiwan to find the sexiest vendor around and copied her you-know-what for this Yan Ru-yi Meiki Taiwan Street Angel.

Yan Ru-yi Meiki Taiwan Street Angel

Reaching the status of idol soon after her infamous incident with the police, spunky 19-year-old Yan Ru-yi (Yen Ju-yu) has now launched a career as a model. And, boy, can we see why... For the full Taiwanese experience be sure to add Yen's lotion, made from her reverse-engineered love juices!

Yan Ru-yi Meiki Taiwan Street Angel

Specs and Features:

  • Meiki clone masturbator based on Taiwanese betel nut girl Yan Ru-yi (Yen Ju-yu)
  • G-spot construction and nubs on top of chamber to stimulate and finish you off
  • Length: approx. 17 cm (6.7")
  • Weight: 750 g (26 oz)
  • Optional love juces lubricant (200 ml, 6.8 fl oz)
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