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Yan Ru-yi Love Juices Lubricant 200 ml

Taiwanese betel girl lube

An instant idol and star after her incident with police, spunky 19-year-old Yan Ru-yi (Yen Ju-Yu) is one of Taiwan's iconic betel nut girls, and one of the sexiest! When she made her debut with her very own meiki masturbator she also contributed her Love Juices Lubricant to the world. Created from the reverse-engineered liquids from her you-know-where, this lube will give you the full, wet Taiwanese experience! For the very best sessions, add the Yan Ru-yi meiki onahole (available as an optional extra).

Yan Ru-yi Love Juices Lubricant 200 ml

Specs and Features:

  • Lubricant based on the love juices of betel nut girl and model Yan Ru-yi (Yen Ju-yu)
  • 200 ml (6.8 fl oz)
  • Meiki onahole available as optional extra
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