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Wet Princess Hyper Arousal Cream

Rub for increased female sexual excitement

The Wet Princess Hyper Arousal Cream gives you the royal treatment. Rub some of this cream on your clit or inside the vagina before the action gets started (or, even better, ask your partner to do it for you) and experienced enhanced levels of arousal and sexual excitement. This cream is often used by female porn stars in the Japanese adult video industry to get their bodies ready and it's easy to see why, with its potent mix of 16 extracts and alum, an essential nutrient for women.

Specs and Features:

  • Cream/rub
  • For women
  • Contains aloe vera leaf extract, ethanol, BG, glycerin, alum-(K), mineral oil, East Asian arrowroot extract, chlorella extract, carbomer, ethylparaben, etc.
  • 5 g (0.2 oz)
€ 28