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Tenga Men's Loupe Sperm Viewer

Transform phone camera into semen magnifier

Ever wanted to take a closer look at your sperm? Well, now Japan's top adult brand is helping you do just that with the Tenga Men's Loupe. This simple but effective device transforms your phone camera into a powerful tool for analyzing how fertile your spunk is. If you and your partner are trying to start a family, first check there's no problem with your load.

Tenga Mens Loupe Sperm Viewer

Tenga Mens Loupe Sperm Viewer

Attach the adhesive sticker to the black magnifier and place it over your camera lens. Then fix a sheet to the plate. Place a drop of semen on the plate and set it over the magnifier. Now you are ready to look in your camera and explore the mysteries of procreation!

Tenga Mens Loupe Sperm Viewer

The Tenga Men's Loupe features:

  • 550-times magnification
  • Not a medical device
  • Should not be used as contraception
  • Includes plate, magnifier, sheets x 4, cup, dropper
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Made in Japan

Tenga Mens Loupe Sperm Viewer
€ 14

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