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Tama Toys Tapestry 24 Rian Yumetogi

Japanese VTuber fetish art wall hanging

The Tama Toys Tapestry 24 Rian Yumetogi features the Japanese VTuber character, a cute succubus who you just want to hug and kiss. This fetish art wall hanging by hentai illustrator Yukinon showcases Rian Yumetogi in pink and purple (plus, of course, her black tail).

Specs and Features:

  • Fetish art wall hanging
  • Collaboration with VTuber Rian Yumetogi
  • Dimensions: B2 (728 x 512 mm / 28.7 x 20.2")
  • Material: double suede
  • Artist/illustrator: Yukinon
  • Limited availability
€ 35
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