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SuperStroke DX

Compact powered masturbator toy

The SuperStroke DX is proof that you don't need a big, bulky powered masturbator toy to have a great time. The compact SuperStroke DX packs a punch and offers six stroking patterns, plus a choice of three sleeve cups to try. The toy also has a large suction cup for going hands-free.

Specs and Features:

  • Compact and stylish
  • 3 sleeve cups (1 closed-type cup, 2 open-type cup)
  • 6 stroking patterns
  • Power: 1,200 mA h battery, 3.7 V, USB charging
  • Quiet
  • With large suction cup for hands-free fun
  • Cup sleeves are removable and washable
  • Total length: 20 cm (7.9")
  • Weight: 270 g (9.5 oz)
  • Charging time: 135 min.
  • Operating time: 115 min.
  • Includes charging cable
€ 87
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