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SMart Six-Plait Whip Black

Softer leather BDSM lash

Any strict master should have a menacing flogger to provide a naughty slave with a good lashing. The SMart Six-Plait Whip Black is perfect for that purpose, even for the less experienced, as this leather whip is gentle enough to be used again and again. Where it holds back on impact intensity, it makes up for with a good loud clapping noise every time the lash comes down.

Specs and Features:

  • Softer leather whip
  • 3/5 impact-hardness rating
  • 6 strands/plaits
  • Color: black
  • Size: free
  • Length: 86 cm (33.9")
  • Weight: 124 g (4.4 oz)
  • With a handy strap to prevent you from dropping the whip
  • Material: synthetic leather and velour
  • Underwear not included
€ 14

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