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Medy Easy Pumps Douche Set

Cleaning tools for toys and orifices

The Medy Easy Pumps Douche Set features a pair of simple-to-use cleaning tools (or medical role-play props). Just fill a pump up with water or a cleaning agent, slip it in the orifice of choice, and push. And since this is a pair, you can even clean two holes at once! The pumps are suitable for cleansing both adult toys and human orifices.

Specs and Features:

  • Cleaning tool/douche
  • Easy to use (push pump)
  • For solo use or with a partner
  • Capacity: 130 ml (4.4 fl oz) (each)
  • Suitable for water or cleaning agent
  • Nozzle is removable for compact storage
  • Masturbator not included (images show examples of use)
€ 3

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