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Madam X Sachiko Aikawa JAV Masturbator DVD Set

Japanese porn star clone onahole, lotion

From the great Madam X series of masturbator and porn DVD sets, now comes this Sachiko Aikawa version. Featuring an onahole based on Sachiko's own pussy plus lotion, the stretchy and flexible masturbator has a straight passage lined with nubs the whole way for a consistently stimulating experience. Don't forget the DVD itself, starring Sachiko as an erotic and nubile madam in her thirties eager to show her worth in every sense. Watch Sachiko in action while getting an interactive 3D viewing experience.

Madam X Sachiko Aikawa JAV Masturbator DVD Set

The Madam X Sachiko Aikawa DVD Set features:

  • Porn DVD with Sachiko Aikawa (Region Free, NTSC)
  • Includes Sachiko Aikawa masturbator
  • Non-air release hole type onahole
  • Also includes lotion

€ 29

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