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Insert Air Pillow Cover 296 Tsundere Magical Girl

Japanese anime fetish character dakimakura pillow case

The Insert Air Pillow Cover 296 Tsundere Magical Girl features a classic anime and manga trope: the cute magical girl. But this time, she's not a friendly young lady here to help defeat the baddies. She's a cold, tsundere girl who you will have to work hard to persuade that you deserve her physical affection. With her pert buttocks and perky breasts (which she's begrudgingly exposing as she lies on her front or back in bed while still wearing her costume), it's easy to see why she's playing hard to get: not every guy deserves a girl as hot as this! Are you up to the challenge? The double-sided fetish art cover is designed for the Tama Toys Insert Air Pillow dakimakura, which is available as an optional extra.

Specs and Features:

  • Japanese character erotic art sex fantasy dakimakura love/hug pillow cover
  • Magical girl and tsundere fetish
  • Double-sided
  • With onahole/masturbator slot
  • Dimensions: 540 x 340 mm (21.3 x 13.4")
  • Artist/illustrator: TeMtasu (templus)
  • Limited availability
  • No hug pillow/dakimakura included
  • Designed for the Insert Air Pillow dakimakura (available as optional extra)
€ 20
(Preise für Optionen sind inklusive eventuell zusätzlicher Versandkosten)

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