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Anus Cuccino 2 Anal Beads

Anal toy sphincter rectum balls dildo

Slide the Anus Cuccino 2 Anal Beads inside you and feel the beads shake around, shifting with every movement you make. The steel balls have been put into a plastic, silicone-coated dildo frame for ease of penetration and safety and comfort. The handle also makes it easy to extract the beads once the fun is over.

Anus Cuccino 2 Anal Beads

The beads are designed small for the Japanese or Asian man's sphincter, so you can expect a tight experience bar none. Give your sphincter double the fun with the two anal beads in the Anus Cuccino.

Anus Cuccino 2 Anal Beads

The Anus Cuccino 2 Anal Beads features:

  • No batteries required
  • Total length: around 120mm (4.7")
  • Ball diameter: around 2.5cm (1")
  • Two beads version

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