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AKE 24 Atsu Idol Onahole

Akihabara otaku girl masturbator

Based on cute Akihabara otaku idols, the AKE 24 series of onaholes includes Atsu, a semi-transparent and super tight masturbator. The "AKE" stands for asoko kimochi ii ("that feels so good!")... which is exactly what you will be saying when you slip yourself into this snug pleasure sleeve.

AKE 24 Atsu Idol Onahole

Like all the AKE 24 onaholes Atsu's hole is extremely stretchy, meaning you can manipulate around the contours of your members as you stroke your way to a grand finale. The tight, triangular entrance leads into a series of twirls, before the curving end chamber will tickle your head in just the right way until you pop your load.

AKE 24 Atsu Idol Onahole

The AKE 24 Atsu Onahole features

  • Transparent style onahole
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator
  • Made in Japan

€ 8

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