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Air Hip of a Tanned Beautiful Girl

Inflatable hips doll with tan line

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Who doesn't like beautiful girls' butts? And who doesn't like beautiful girls with tans? The Air Hip of a Tanned Beautiful Girl is a winning combination, offering you the stunning buttocks of this sun-kissed hottie. You can fit your favorite masturbator in between the legs and put panties (not included) over her waist and buttocks to heighten the excitement, and then take off the underwear to revel in the incredible contrast between the tanned legs and the pale skin under her panties.

Specs and Features:

  • Inflatable hips/butts doll
  • Great for doggy position
  • Strong tan line
  • Fits medium-sized and large onaholes/masturbators
  • Waist: 62 cm (24")
  • Hips: 90 cm (35")
  • Panties not included
€ 21
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