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3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Maasa

Inflatable air doll ass

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Maasa is the older of three sisters in this series. At 27, her beautiful ass is big, plump and firm, and so is the 3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Maasa. Designed to be used with the large color illustration PVC poster included, Maasa comes with four clear, strong suction cups (two for the poster and two for her buttocks).

3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Maasa

As Maasa's ass and the poster are both completely waterproof, you can take her to the shower and hang her there, or if you are feeling that extra bit of kink running through your veins, from a window. (Flat surfaces like beds and desks work just as well.)

3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Maasa

Portable, fold-able and made of sturdy vinyl materials, Maasa will be at your beck and call when you want her.

3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Maasa

The 3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Maasa features:

  • Transparent blow-up doll ass with full-color illustrated PVC poster
  • Poster size: 42 x 86cm (16.5 x 33.9")
  • Poster and box art illustrator: Youtoku Tatsunami
  • Inflatable
  • Waterproof
  • Onahole NOT included. Please add your own (fits most standard sizes)
  • Onahole slot size: 160 x 60mm (6.3 x 2.4")

3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Maasa
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