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30- or 40-Year-Old Woman Used Panties

Older Japanese lady worn underwear set

The 30- or 40-Year-Old Woman Used Panties is a pack of eight pairs of underwear originally owned by a Japanese woman either aged around 40 or around 30. Her maturity is evident from body and sexual experience, which makes her very confident and happy to sell her worn panties to horny men around the world. Her hormones are still raging strong and sharing her intimate wardrobe items with random men really gets her off. The exact contents of the pack are a mystery, so you can relish the anticipation of not knowing exactly what kinds of panties you're going to get.

Specs and Features:

  • Simulates experience of used/worn underwear
  • Includes 8 pairs of underwear
  • Jukujo (older woman) fetish
  • May vary from images
  • Design is random (cannot choose)
US$ 83